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    .INSURANCE Domains – Soon Available For Everyone

    Now, the .insurance domains are up for the taking with general availability starting with June 15th 2016.What the .insurance gTLDs will offer, will be a trusted brand and protection to the users. Also, the insurance providers will have the opportunity to enlarge their marketplace with this new internet presence specially designed for them. The .insurance domains come with heighten security systems that outrun the current .com solutions.But not everyone will be eligible to own and administrate .insurance domains. ftLD Registry Services LLC announced very strict eligibility criteria and also a fixed timeline for applications. In order to benefit of .insurance domains, you must be a verified member of the global insurance community. 

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    Philips Files Complaint for Philips66.org Domain Name

    Philips,has recently filed a complaint against the owner of Philips66.org domain name,seeking control of it.Philips filed the complaint with the National Arbitration Forum on February 8,2016.According to whois records, OptimizeGoogle.com domain name was first registered in January,2016.The National Arbitration Forum will examine over the next days if the domain name is confusingly similar to Philips’ trademark,if the current owner has rights over it and if the domain is being used in bad faith . The disputed domain name will be passed over to Philips if it falls under all three of these stipulations.


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    Telepathy Inc Sells Retirement.com Domain

    Telepathy Inc. has recently sold the premium domain name Retirement.com.The buyer is currently unknown.According to whois records, the domain name was first registered in May, 1998. At the time of writing this article, whois records were updated  to Matt Sterlin/DNStination Inc, which is used for brand protection.At the time of writing this article, the domain name does not resolve to a website.


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    Apple Registers Apple.car Domain Name

    Apple has recently registered three auto-related domain names over the past few weeks, including Apple.car.The company has recently registered Apple.cars, Apple.car and Apple.auto domain names. At the time of writinf this article, none of the domain names redirects to an active website.According to whois records, the three domain names were registered on December 9,2015.Nobody knows at the time of writing this article, if Apple just wants to protect its brand across the new .Car, .Cars and .Auto extension or the company wants to launch a product in the auto space.

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    1998.com Domain Name Sells for $190,000

    The domain name 1998.com just sold for $190,000. The domain name changed hands between two chinese investors.According to whois records, the domain name was first registered in July,1998.The sale of 1998.com domain is the second highest reported four-number domain name sale of 2015.The highest reported four-number domain name is 8181.com, sold by Rick Schwartz. The sale of 1998.com is followed by the sale of 9899.com, which sold for $106,000 .

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    Dell Buys Storage Company EMC in Biggest Tech Deal Ever

    Computer maker Dell Inc said on Monday it had agreed to buy data storage company EMC Corp in a $67 billion record technology deal that will unite two mature companies and create an enterprise tech powerhouse.The acquisition will help privately held Dell diversify away from a stagnant personal-computer market and give it greater scale in the faster-growing and more lucrative market for managing and storing data for enterprises.

    "Dell wants to become the old IBM Corp, a one-stop shop for corporate clients. That model fell apart a couple of decades ago. Reviving it would be a stunning coup for Dell," said Erik Gordon, clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.The deal values EMC at $33.15 a share. Dell will pay $24.05 per share in cash and will also give EMC shareholders a special stock that tracks the share price in virtual software provider VMWare Inc.

    EMC shares surged 3.9 percent to $29.08 in premarket trading.The combination of Dell and EMC creates an enterprise solutions powerhouse," said Michael Dell, who will lead the combined company as chairman and chief executive.EMC's board has approved the merger and will recommend that shareholders do so as well.The merger agreement includes a 'go-shop' provision that allows EMC to solicit bids from other parties and pay a discounted breakup fee to Dell if a deal is made with another company, Reuters first reported on Sunday.

    While IBM Corp, Cisco Systems Inc and Hewlett-Packard Co could theoretically be potential suitors for EMC, which has a marker capitalization of $53.6 billion, the chances of them challenging Dell with a rival offer are slim, people familiar with the matter have told Reuters.The deal will be financed through a combination of new equity from Dell's owners - founder and Chief Executive Michael Dell, its investment firm MSD Partners, private equity firm Silver Lake and Singapore state-owned investor Temasek Holdings - as well as the issuance of the tracking stock, new debt and cash on hand.VMware will remain an independent, publicly traded company. VMware shares were unchanged at $78.65.

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    After €400,000 Purchase of Viajes.com Amado Martin Benitez Aims to Become a Major Travel Industry Player With Newly Launched Site

     Heard of Barcelona, Spain based domain investor/developer Amado Martin Benitez before, but don't be surprised if you start seeing the 33-year-old entrepreneur's name everywhere in the near future. In 2012 Benitez managed to acquire one of the world's best Spanish language domain names - Viajes.com ("Travel" in Spanish) for €400,000. After more than two years of painstaking development work, Benitez's company has launched a new site on the premier domain that he is confident will make him a power in the huge travel markets serving Spain and Latin America.


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    The .TUBE gTLD Dispute Finally Came to An End

    The result of a new contention action administered by ICANN has led to the conclusion that not always big players of the market of domain names win. It took about three years to allow ICANN to award the license to Latin American Telecom instead of their rivals.The latter explained that their interest in the .TUBE string came in 2008 when they realized the huge potential it has for video content developers and that is why they took the decision to invest heavily in order to obtain it. After the registration of the new domain name, which is expected to happen within six to eight months period, thousands of requests will probably follow from people who will want to use their own “tubes” on the internet.

    This gTLD was not the only one this company has acquired in order to dedicate their efforts for the online television market. Other thousands of names have been purchased, but the .TUBE name is seen as having the biggest potential.This name will not only target television, but also the domains of plumbing, transport, electrical or construction. There are also famous stars who have their own tube channels and they may become interested in the new domain name, as an alternative to the classic .COM, .NET or .ORG extensions.

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    Disney wins starwars.co.uk net domain battle

    The starwars.co.uk web residence now leads users to a Jokers’ Masquerade storeA Berkshire-based fancy-dress tradesman is being done to obey a starwars.co.uk web residence after feeling a force of Disney’s wrath.
    The British association uses a residence as a approach to approach shoppers to a territory of a Jokers’ Masquerade store dedicated to Star Wars-themed costumes.It has owned a domain name for some-more than a decade, and was asked to obey it final year though refused.Now, Nominet – that oversees .uk domains – has ruled it contingency do so.The dress store’s primogenitor company, Abscissa, has also been told to give adult a serve 6 domain names used for a same purpose:
    The association has until 21 Jul to confirm either to appeal.Disney skeleton to recover a initial of several new Star Wars cinema after this yearIf a new Star Wars films by Disney were not being released, we wouldn’t be carrying this discussion,” Mark Lewis, Abscissa’s arch executive, told a BBC.They wanted a starwars.uk domain, they haven’t [got it], and in hint they’ve thrown their teddies out of a pram.That’s how we feel. Are we disappointed? Yes. Are we surprised? Not necessarily.Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm – a prolongation association behind Star Wars – in 2012 for $4.1bn (£2.6bn).A orator pronounced that had it acquired all a egghead skill surrounding a Star Wars authorization as partial of a deal.Abscissa had attempted to urge a tenure of a domains by highlighting that it had used a starwars.co.uk and star-wars.co.uk addresses given 2003 but being challenged.
    It suggested that it was usually since Nominet had introduced shorter “name.uk” domains in 2014 that Disney had acted.Abscissa says that it sells legitimate and protected Star Wars sell from a website
    Last year, Nominet gave owners of .co.uk addresses a “first dibs” right-of-refusal to squeeze associated shorter domains – something Abscissa took advantage of.After being contacted by Disney’s lawyers, a tradesman offering to send a starwars.uk domain to a US media hulk if it could continue regulating starwars.co.uk and star-wars.co.uk to sell “legitimate Star Wars-branded merchandise”.However, Disney refused.Nominet requires dual contribution to be proven for it to determine to force a handover:The complainant has rights in honour of a name involvedThe stream registration is judged to be “abusive”

    Following a three-month process, it ruled in Disney’s favour.Star Wars can't realistically impute to anyone else other than a complainant,” wrote Nominet’s consultant Steve Ormand.It is rarely expected in my perspective that any user acid for Star Wars and nearing during a respondent’s website will have suffered initial interest, difficulty and secretly unspoken a blurb tie with a complainant.I am also confident that a respondent has taken advantage of a ‘pulling power’ of a name Star Wars to attract users to a website.Mr Ormand combined that a fact Abscissa had used dual of a domains for 10 years had no temperament on a case.Disney runs a starwars.com domain as a fan site for a film franchiseThis is distant from a initial box Nominet has had to solve in this manner.
    In 2014 alone, it ruled on 98 disputes, and nothing of these rulings led to an appeal.They enclosed forcing an official-looking website regulating a dvla-driving-licence.co.uk residence to be eliminated to a government, and ilovealdi.co.uk to be handed over to a supermarket chain.Disney has formerly used a use to seize waltdisney.co.uk and disneycruises.co.uk from other parties.Abscissa itself has also benefited from a dispute-resolution process, by wresting control of jokers.co.uk from a fancy-dress opposition in 2007.


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    Microsoft Wi-Fi aims to bring 'hassle-free' Internet to millions

    Microsoft is working on rolling out an updated and rebranded version of its Skype Wi-Fi service.We can confirm that Microsoft is working on a new service, called Microsoft Wi-Fi, that will bring hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions. We look forward to sharing additional detail when available," said a spokesperson in response to a request for comment about Microsoft Wi-Fi.Skype Wi-Fi is Microsoft's current service allowing users to pay with Skype Credits to access a variety of public Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.Microsoft's new information pages about its consumer and business Microsoft Wi-Fi service offerings went live for a day or so before Microsoft cut access to them.

    The business-focused offering will be available to subscribers of Microsoft's Office 365 Enterprise service, according to information on its microsoftwifi.com/business site. That service will be available globally and will encompass "over 10 million" Wi-Fi hotspots.Microsoft also is working on a consumer-focused version of its new Wi-Fi service, which it plans to make available to active Skype Wi-Fi users "through the Microsoft Work & Play Bundle or the Surface 2 + Skype Wi-Fi bundle"; to Office 365 for Enterprise subscribers; and to customers who received a special promotional code for the service from Microsoft, the microsoftwifi.com site said.Microsoft also is lining up Microsoft Wi-Fi apps for Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows Phone users to access the coming service in airports, hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

    Microsoft recently lost a trademark battle involving Skype to Sky. (It lost a similar trademark battle to Sky over SkyDrive and ended up changing the SkyDrive name to OneDrive, as a result.) Microsoft officials have indicated they'd pay Sky to be able to continue to use the Skype name, rather than change that brand name.
    However, the reason Microsoft is rebranding Skype Wi-Fi probably has more to do with the company's "One Microsoft" push than with Sky, from what I've heard. Microsoft is rebranding a number of its products and services in a way to emphasize they are part of the Microsoft brand, as opposed to standalone brands like Azure or Surface, as of late.This story originally posted as "Rebranded Microsoft Wi-Fi service is in the works" on ZDNet.


    News Source : CNET

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