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  • Esahaque Eswaramangalam
    Chairman & Managing Director

     Mr. Eswaramangalam has over 12 years of exposure to extensive research, analyses and explorations in the E-business Industry. He is the Chief Operating Officer of DubaiDomainAuction.com, and founder of the World Social Workers Foundation. He is a well known contemporary writer and a noted cyber media activist.  He is also the founder member and Chairman of the Indian Blood Bank Society.

  • Prof: R.K. Malayath
    Sr. Director

    Prof. R.K.Malayth, a renowned senior magician and mentor presently Senior Director of Cyber Unicorn Pvt Ltd. He is a social reformist, awaretainment activist fighting against all sort of evil activities and blind believes in the society. Working for social justice and empowerment is his motto in life. Mr. R.K. Malayath is the Executive Member of Indian Blood Bank Society.

  • Mr. Asharaf Padinharayil
    Director & Operations UAE

    Mr. Asharaf Padinharayil alias Asharaf P. Abdulla, a leading International Oil Trader in Dubai is presently Director & UAE operations of Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd. He is the CEO and partner of Bio-Petrol General Trading Dubai with wide interest in International Trading.

  • Mr. Noushad Ali
    Director and Finance Head

    Mr. Noushad Ali, with various activities related to Forex and Stock Trading is presently Director & Finance Head with Cyber Unicorn Pvt Ltd and also Director of DubaiDomainAuction.com. He has started his career with ADNOC, Abudhabi, UAE and settled back in India. His farsighted thinking and understanding are assets with excellence. As a committed social activist, he stands for changes which can make positive changes in human thinking. Mr. Noushad Ali is the Executive Member of Indian Blood Bank Society.

  • Mr. Jovin Abraham Joseph
    Director & Aministrator

    Mr. Jovin Abraham Joseph is a Domain business expert and e-business architect with focus in developing Keyword Business Domains and presently the Director & Administrator of Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd. He started his career as a Customer Relation Officer with Bharti Airtel, Kerala and later moved to Dialer IT Information as Dy Manager. A self motivating volunteer in humanitarian activities, he is the founder member of Kerala Cyber Activit's Forum and Public Relationship Officer with "Act for Humanity". His presence is well established in social media; Face Book will provide much input about his various activities. Mr. Jovin Abraham Joseph is the founder member and Treasurer of Indian Blood Bank Society.

  • Ms. Merin Jose
    Project Head

    Ms. Merin Jose, a dynamic and aspiring young engineering graduate with a MBA from James Cook University, Australia is the Director & Project Head of Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd. A pioneer in e-Business world, her contribution in developing e-business portal with meritorious skills are outstanding. Core to the heart carries a vision of humanitarian thinking and approach, she dedicate herself to the social activities. Ms. Merin Joseph is the founder member and Executive Member of Indian Blood Bank Society.

Further to the above, Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd., came into existence because of the strong support specifically the ones who provided financial, technical, moral and valued advises on time. Our team members who put in great effort include Mr. George Kutty Kurian, (our Chief Advisor), Chartered Accountant and Corporate Consultant, Mr. Eldho Babu Vattakkavil (Director and Admin), Mr. Asharaf Padinharayil alias Asharaf P. Abdulla (Director & Operations UAE), Mr. Shibu N.K (Domain Registration Dept.), Ms. Parvathy Nair (Corporate Copywriter), Mr. Sleeba Varghese (Corporate well-wisher), Mr. Sreejith Swami. (Business Research-International), Mr. Vignesh Gangan, Chief Designer, Mr. Vaidyanathan Hariharan, Chief Operations Consultant, Mr. Jabir.M.L, (Our Technology Partner), Web Castle Media Pvt Ltd.

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