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Cyber Unicorn Pvt.Ltd welcomes you to the rapidly expanding e-business World which is projected to become US$ 4 Trillionby the year 2020. e-Business Industry- eBI is a new business Industry in which electronic means are utilized for business transactions by engaging in E-commerce via websites and by leveraging existing telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. This will include all process of a physical firm but all happens virtually, that includes sales and customer relations, outsourcing and telecommuting and many more. All elements of e-business firms are linked by IT to share costs, skill and to access other markets and thereby reducing cost. There are many e-business pioneers in various sectors. For example: Amazon.com, Yatra.com, Ebay.com, and RunningShoes.com.


e-business firms are environment-friendly and can withstand physical barriers. In such firms, it is easy to meet clients or customers in a much unified way and can operate geographically from anywhere. There may be need of a corporate office so that we can have a hybrid approach in which employees have an option to come and meet one on one or collectively as a group. Thus have a connection with each other and also can work virtually. High income in short period , less effort and investment, lesser number of issues related to legal, space, maintenance, employees, laws, environmental changes, etc. are the notable advantages. Thus it can propel existing physical business to huge success due to its greater flexibility, marketability and profitability.


Competitive advantages of e-Business Industry: The virtual assistance has increased equal responsiveness, improved engagements and operational efficiency. Greater and easy mobility, lack of conflicts within office, scheduling and greater utilization of time are attained benefits. Even though, few basic tools are needed to support our virtual employees. That includes cell phone, laptop and internet connection. If these facilities are available, the employees can work from anywhere for providing the products and services. The difference between management of virtual and traditional firms are that the virtual environment can be managed on a shift basis from anywhere. It is not about day-to-day connections but it depends on the relationships and to what extend trust is created with the employees. The manager or Head can be creative and must keep good relation with the employees.


You too can own your own e-business firms. Only necessity you must possess before having tools is that you must own a perfect domain name to exhibit your business idea perfectly. The domain name must have all features such as short, memorable, no vowel clash, perfect keyword, marketable, no typographical and voice mistakes, self-explanatory keyword expressing the business idea, etc.


The only addressing challenges of a virtual organization is the isolated feeling, but it can be overcome by communicating in real time email, instant texting, messaging, mailing, cell phone and thus keeping everyone active. This will help the managers to get connected to the employees.

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