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DoctorsPortal.in – A utilitarian online hub equally useful for doctors as well as public. This online medical directory provides you the perfect information services aiming to deliver most excellent medical facilities in India. We focus to provide info on specialists from all areas of health care like Cardiology, Neurology, ENT, Paediatry, Genetics, Nephrology, Sexology, Psychiatry, etc., dentists, blood banks, hospitals, latest health and medical discoveries; and other medical information at your service. Online or Virtual in person consultancy with Indian doctors for any consultation irrespective of the location is the key feature of DoctorsPortal.in. The online consultancy is provided in the form of Live Chat, Video Conferencing and Email. Other 24/7 emergency services like ambulance, doctor at home, etc. will be also available. Search for the best specialist at your location; consult him for his best service.

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.INSURANCE Domains – Soon Available For Everyone

Now, the .insurance domains are up for the taking with general availability starting with June 15th 2016.Wh

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