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A perfect residential property listing service designed to meet the housing needs of Malayalees across the world. It facilitates, convenience to – buy/sell/ rent in/rent out/lease in/lease out a residential house or apartment or villa through us. All the features relating the property – bedroom, plot and building area, storey, price range, location (district wise), trends, etc. – will be specified. Veedukal.com will provide opportunity not only for the owners to advertise their property and search out potential buyers, but also permits the people searching for houses to post their requirements. A special feature of Veedukal.com will be that we can help you in getting connected to prominent architects, builders and engineers to design residence according to your mind's eye; and can make you updated with new market trends.

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.INSURANCE Domains – Soon Available For Everyone

Now, the .insurance domains are up for the taking with general availability starting with June 15th 2016.Wh

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